Sunday, April 28, 2013

...and then my life was turned upside down...

Okay....maybe not completely upside down but it definitely made a 45 degree pivot.

Then another one.

And possibly one more.

That would put me upside down, right?

The last 15 months have been nothing like what I would have expected or wished for anyone to endure, but it explains why I haven't read many books.  With that in mind, I decided it was time to re-focus the blog I started to incorporate the many new things taking up space on my already stuffed shelves.

Just an FYI before I begin.  I have two boys whose names I'd like to keep out of this blog.  For that reason, from this point forward, so on and so forth, I will refer to the oldest as Mighty Giant and the youngest as Boy Wonder.  I reserve the right to occasionally refer to them together as Things 1 and 2, Frick and Frack, the Tweedles (you can decide which is Dee and which is Dum), or any other silly reference depending on their moods or mine.

So where to start....I guess at the beginning.  I will give you the most abbreviated version.

About 15 months ago, my husband and I began to travel the treatment path with the Boy Wonder for a rare blood disorder called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis after having also been diagnosed with Central Diabetes Insipidus.  I won't go into the description of his disease and treatment now (that's why I added the links for each condition if you want to read more), but the Boy Wonder is doing well after having gone through almost a year of chemo and is on the road to kick LCH to the curb.  I'm sure I'll write more at another time.  For now, he is happy, healthy and in great spirits, and for that, we couldn't be more grateful.

Next, we had a familial situation come up that I don't want to go into.  Trust me - you wouldn't believe me even if I explained it in detail with proof.  Yes, it was all that weird and crazy. 

As if having a child on chemo and a family member running a muck isn't sad and stressful enough, we also went through the tragedy of losing three family members.  My uncle, who was also my Godfather, died suddenly in June of a massive heart attack.  My great-uncle, who was my grandfather's youngest brother, died of prostate cancer.  Lastly, my great-aunt, who was one of two aunts that has been more of a grandmother to me than aunt, passed away earlier this month from colon cancer. 

Now mix in between all that working from home full time, participating in the PTA, working with my local crochet guild chapter, raising two boys and keeping up with house work.  I should be a crazy mess with an ulcer, right?

Yep.  That's exactly right.

I had an endoscopy last week and I do, indeed, have a nice little ulcer that is a bitch and a half if there ever was one. 

Did I mention that I might let a curse word fly here or there?  I'm sorry if I didn't forewarn you, but sometimes, it will be necessary. 

So this is why I haven't finished reading a book in months or finished writing one of the many stories stuck in my head or have found the time to update my blog. 

But I've really missed the blogging.  And that's why I've changed the focus.

I often find myself up at weird times of the night unable to focus on the work I'm getting paid to do (sorry Mr. Bossman) but I still feel the need to write something.  I don't work on many of my stories or work-work for fear of what I'll find in the morning that will need cleaning up, but I would like to share my thoughts here.  I may talk about yarn or crochet things or things I find funny or things that come around that are just plain touching.  Who knows what you'll end up finding here.  Either way, I hope you enjoy your time on my page.

Now with that all said, it's almost 1:40 AM, I am finally tired enough and my stomach is finally settled enough that I might be able to get some sleep.  People will start arriving at my house in 12 hours for the Boy Wonder's birthday party and I have to be hospitable. 

Or, I may just crash on the couch and let everyone party around me.  I'll let you know next time.