Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So glad I didn't pretend to read this book

Who could pass up a book with a mouse dressed in a collar and cape upon it?  I couldn't.  I had never been to Jenny Lawson's blog but couldn't help but stop every time I saw her book.  I hemmed and hawed and finally bit the bullet and bought it for my Kindle.

And my life has been forever changed.

Okay....maybe not changed....but a little more grateful that I didn't grow up with a father who was a taxidermist, although I appreciate that she did and was brave enough to, in literary fashion, stand naked in front of everyone and write this mostly true memoir.

In Let's Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir), Jenny Lawson recounts the moments in her life that have made her who she is today.  Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, often horrifying, and almost always hilarious, Lawson weaves a tale that I can only describe as colorfully exotic beyond words.

Given the fact that I'm in the midst of the most stressful year of my life, I loved the levity she brought me over the days that it took me to read her book.  I purposely didn't read it all in one sitting (although I very well could have) so I could get a laugh when I really needed it.  And I've really needed it at times.

Some of my favorite chapter titles include the following:
  • Stanley, the Magical Talking Squirrel
  • The Dark and Disturbing Secrets HR Doesn't Want You to Know (LOVED THIS CHAPTER)
  • A Series of Helpful Post-It notes I Left Around the House for My Husband This Week
Sadly, I know a number of people that most of her chapter titles could apply to.  And for this and so much more, Jenny has earned a place in my heart.

Here are 7 things I've learned from Jenny Lawson and her book Let's Pretend This Never Happened:
  1. My HR encounters with former employees working at my last job were not just a figment of my imagination.
  2. My husband is no longer allowed to call me crazy for the massive amounts of yarn and books in my house, and instead should be grateful that I do not collect dead animals artistically dressed in funny ways (but again, I appreciate that Jenny does and Victor tolerates this for her amusement as well as ours).  And I am still appreciative as ever that my Uncle Moose did not find me that moose head for our wedding.
  3. While I do not use the word vagina in day to day conversation, it appears in Jenny's book 73 times.  That's a lot of vaginas.
  4. I am so happy to live where there are no scorpions.
  5. I have no doubt that Jenny will be the first person prepared for the zombie apocalypse and I should really send her a gray wristband for zombie awareness.
  6. The name Voldemort has taken on a whole new meaning.
  7. I now need to read her blog much more often.
I highly recommend this book as a funny read.  Be forewarned, there's language that would most likely give it at least a PG-13 rating if not an R for the many uses of the word vagina (73 times is really a lot of vagina references, but they're all really funny so deal with it).  I laughed out loud many times, highlighted quotes throughout, and just loved it.  Thank you Jenny Lawson!

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