Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oy....What happened to 2011?

Here it is yet again.  New Year's Eve.  And did I keep up with my blog?  No.  Did I keep up with my reading?  Kind of.

Reading 27 books is nothing to sneeze at, but it wasn't the 51 I read in 2010.  Nonetheless, it's been an eventful year.

Borders closed its doors and I am still heartbroken.  It was my favorite hangout, and now the next closest bookstore is 30-45 minutes away.  So unfair!

As an alternative, I have found a local used bookstore that I have to become better at frequenting.  I've found a couple good ones there, some of which I wouldn't have happened upon at a regular bookstore.  While I'd love to have a used bookstore of my own, I'll just visit this one and lust after it.

I have gained a biblio-benefactor.  A good friend who lives out of state has begun sending me books of hers that her local library won't take as donations.  I've received two so far (Ireland: A Novel by Frank Delaney and a Jack London leather bound collection).  I get so excited every time I see a new package show up.

My Kindle now has over 1,200 books on it.  My newest addiction has become letting it read to me while I crochet (not something that happens often with two small kids).

So what do I plan for 2012?

For starters, I've created a Facebook page with the hopes that this will motivate me to keep things more current and up to date.  If you want the latest posts to my blog and just my comments, please like me on Facebook.  (Wow....does that sound desperate!)  If you cannot find me by this link, just do a search for MyStuffedShelves and you'll find me.  I'm also still on Twitter @MyStuffedShelvs.

I'm slowly compiling a list of my books "to read" for 2012, but didn't get to all of it today.  My short list includes the Twilight series, Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult (coming out February 28, 2012) as well as 3 of her older books, A Visit from the Good Squad, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, and I'm sure others that I can't think of at the moment.  I also want to add some classics on there as well.

Another thing I plan on doing is passing on coupons and other deals I may find.  I may not always do this through the blog but instead put a post on Facebook and Twitter.

So to all who read this, I raise my glass and hope you all have a happy, healthy, safe and fun 2012.  And I hope that one year from today, I will have updated my blog more than I did in 2011!

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