Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Tribute to Eleanor Taylor Bland

We lost an amazing writer last month that I wanted to take a moment to honor.

Eleanor Taylor Bland, the author of the 13 Marti MacAlister mystery novels, passed away June 2, 2010 after battling cancer.  My mother had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Bland years ago before I was born, and I had the honor of presenting with her at a Career Day for young children in Waukegan about 10 years ago.

For years, I knew that my mother worked with Mrs. Bland in the 70's, and that she was a great fan of her books.  When she introduced herself to me, I got all goose bumpy and told her what a fan my mother was.  When I told her that she worked with my mom, Mrs. Bland gave me a big hug and said "I was at your mother's baby shower when she was pregnant with you!"

I watched in total awe of Mrs. Bland as she explained to the children about being an author, writing books, and having the honor of being the first female African-American mystery writer.  I would have gladly given her my time to talk (her occupation was much more interesting than the radio career I was supposed to talk about - although I was just at the "beginning" of my career which ended up not panning out for me).

I'm proud to be able to say that I shared a moment in my life with this beautiful person, and that her presence in this world will be greatly missed.  She definitely made an impression on me.

If you're in the mood for a great mystery series, check out The Marti MacAlister Mysteries by Eleanor Taylor Bland:
  1. Dead Time (Marti MacAlister Mysteries)
  2. Slow Burn (Marti MacAlister Mystery)
  3. Gone Quiet
  4. Done Wrong (Marti MacAlister Mysteries)
  5. Keep Still (Marti MacAlister Mysteries)
  6. See No Evil (Marti MacAlister Mysteries)
  7. Tell No Tales (Marti MacAlister Mysteries)
  8. Scream in Silence (Marti MacAlister Mysteries)
  9. Whispers in the Dark: A Marti MacAlister Mystery
  10. Windy City Dying: A Marti MacAlister Mystery
  11. Fatal Remains (Bland, Eleanor Taylor)
  12. A Cold and Silent Dying (M. Vineyard Mysteries)
  13. A Dark and Deadly Deception

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