Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Slowly making my way through Chicago's biography

Chicago: A BiographyI'm on page 40 of Chicago: A Biography (I know...I've been really slow in reading it) which is also the beginning of Chapter 2.

At the end of Chapter 1, Dr. Pacyga discusses immigrants who chose Chicago as their home.  I enjoyed reading about all the ethnic groups and the communities they built in their new residence.  Chicago was and still remains quite the melting pot of ethnic diversity.

Here's a particular portion that struck a nerve with me:

"Already in the 1840's Chicagoans asked newcomers, 'What are you?'  Early immigrants did not see this as an ethnic insult but as a celebration of American liberty." (page 32)

I think this is a messasge that tends to get lost in today's society.  It's my take away lesson for the day from Dr. Pacyga.

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